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October 21, 2017
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Fire Prevention
Updated On: Oct 14, 2017

October 8-14th is Fire Prevention Week

Tips for preventing burns

Check Smoke Detectors Regularly

Half of all deaths and two-thirds of all child deaths or injuries in residential fires occur in homes where there is no working smoke alarm. Install smoke detectors on all floors in your home and test them once a month. When you change your clocks, replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and then hold a family fire drill.

Have an Escape Plan

Fire is a leading cause of preventable death in the home. Help your family safely exit your home in the event of a fire by having a preset escape plan. Sketch out a floor plan on your home, identify two exit routes from each room and ensure all members of the family are familiar with the plan. Hold family fire drills at least twice a year.

Use Caution with Lit Candles

Lit candles are open flames. Keep candles away from hair, clothes, and curtains. Do not allow children to keep candles or incense in their rooms. Never go to sleep or leave the room while a candle is burning.

Hot Liquid Burns Like Fire

The most frequent scald injuries happen to young children at home. Common causes of scald burns are hot liquids such as tea, coffee, soup, and dangerously hot tap water. Check your hot water heater setting and ensure the temperature is safely set at or below 49*C or 120*F. Use travel mugs with tight lids when drinking hot beverages around children.

Get Fire-Extinguisher Training

Contact your local fire department about training for the proper use and selection of sizes and types of portable fire extinguishers.

Practice Safe Cooking

Remain in the kitchen while cooking. Roll up your sleeves and avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing that can easily catch fire. Always turn pot handles inward to prevent young children from pulling down a hot pan. Do not reach over burners and other hot surfaces. Keep all flammable items (dishtowels, curtains, etc.) at least three feet from the range top.

Use Caution with Fireplaces

Wood stoves, fireplaces, and portable heaters get hot on the outside. Make sure you have a glass or metal screen in front of fireplaces. Keep children far away from all of these devices.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

If you catch on fire: Stop where you are. Drop to the ground and cover your face. Roll over and over until the fire is out. If you are burned, run cool water over the burn rather than using ice. Never apply butter or salve to burns because they seal in heat and can cause further damage to the skin.

Carefully Dispose of Matches and Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of residential fire-related deaths. If you choose to smoke, dispose of matches and cigarettes carefully. Consider buying fire-safe cigarettes.

Use Caution with Electricity

Don’t overload electrical outlets and check all wires/cords for damage. If young children are in your home, use child-safety caps on wall outlets. 

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