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Photo at Veteran's Memorial Cemetary Randolph VT following organizational meeting

About Us
The International Association of Firefighters Motorcycle Group (IAFFMG) was formed following a resolution at IAFF Convention in 2004. Over the years the IAFFMG has grown to more than 4,700 members. Recently the IAFFMG Committee voted to allow individual states to form State Chapters of the IAFFMG. At PFFV Convention in 2012 the members organized a motorcycle ride for those who were attending Convention and at that time there were only 6 PFFV members who were IAFFMG members. Since then an effort was launched by then State Event Coordinator Chris Dube L2905 and Brother Alex Spencer L3671, to increase the membership and start a State Chapter. As a testament to the strong work that Vermont Firefighters perform in our small state, they grew our numbers to 30 in less than one year. An organizational meeting was held that summer and the paperwork was submitted for and approved by the IAFFMG for formation of the IAFFMG VT Chapter.  Our IAFFMGVT members look forward to creating another great way for our PFFV members to represent our Union and enjoy the special camaraderie experienced with wind on our face, two wheels on the ground and the grumble of pipes.

Who Can Join
In order to be eligible you must meet the following criteria: You must be a member in good standing of an affiliated PFFV local. This includes active, active retired, inactive retired, and alumni. Associate membership is available to spouses of those who meet the above criteria. All members will be required to pay annual dues.


Sep 12, 2013
The VT Chapter rides in IAFFMG events, we organize VT Chapter rides, and participate in rides to benefit local charities

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